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Posted: 11/09/2021




Products: Two-Bite Cupcakes -- Give and Go Prepared Foods Corp


  • Two Bite Cupcakes -- Give and Go Prepared Foods Corp.
  • Two-Bite Vanilla Cupcakes 12 Count Pack - 10 oz. UPC# 77098103109
  • Two-Bite Vanilla & Chocolate Cupcakes Combo 24 Count Pack - 20 oz. UPC# 77098103408
  • Two-Bite Unicorn Cupcakes 12 Count Pack - 10 oz. UPC# 77098104417
  • Two-Bite Red Velvet Cupcakes 12 Count Pack - 10 oz. UPC# 77098105520
  • Two-Bite Carrot Cake Cupcakes 12 Count Pack - 10 oz. UPC# 77098105525
  • Kimberley's Bakeshoppe Vanilla Cupcake Celebration 6 Count Pack - 11.2 oz. UPC# 77098131008


Reason: Give and Go Prepared Foods Corp. is voluntarily recalling a variety of cupcake products due

to the potential presence of tiny fragments of metal mesh wire. No injuries have been reported.


Company Contact: Consumers who have this product at home should return it to the store for a refund. Consumers with questions may contact Give and Go at 416-675-0114 or via email [email protected]


Posted: 9/27/2021




Products: Nestle USA Inc. is recalling a limited amount of frozen DiGiorno Crispy Pan Crust Pepperoni Pizza, 26 oz., UPC# 07192163593 due to a potential mislabeling issue.


Reason: The product may contain soy, a known allergen, which is not declared on the product label. No other sizes or varieties of DiGiorno products are impacted by the recall. There have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to the consumption of this product.


Company Contact:  Consumers with questions about the recall can contact Nestle at 1-800-681-1676.


 Posted: 7/6/2021





Tyson Grilled Diced Chicken   22 OZ  UPC 02370001627

Tyson Chicken Breast Strips  22 OZ  UPC 02370001625

Tyson Oven Roasted Diced Chicken Breast   12 OZ  UPC 02370004659


Reason: Tyson Foods Inc., is recalling several varieties of frozen, fully cooked chicken products that may be adulterated with Listeria monocytogenes, a bacteria that can cause food-borne illness.  The items listed below were sold in our stores.  Only selected Tyson frozen, fully cooked chicken items are being recalled – fresh Tyson chicken products are not affected.


Company Contact:  Consumers may call 1-855-382-3101 for more information.  For a full list of recalled products visit